hey tim, i've chosen a very unusual and difficult path and even though i reached a good level in it, i feel i want out, that its not worth it and it is not leading me to a peaceful happy life, but i'm afraid to start again from scratch since i'm already 27 and had a dramatic career change a few years ago... any advice? i honestly feel lost and in a tough place. i don't know why i felt like talking to you, somehow you are like a peaceful light in these difficult times...

The reward is found in writing new chapters to your life. When you are 30 you will be in good motion of a new truer passion you want to follow and you will look back and thank yourself. When you are 40 you will be fully living your truth in sync with your purpose on earth. I wouldnt just recommend you to change to follow your heart, it’s your responsibility and duty to follow your heart as it will lead you to contribute the most back to earth at the same time as bringing you the most joy.

Are you going to be at Woodstock fruit festival ?


Are you going to aom?


"Feelings are just visitors, let them come and go."

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